Europe is not so beautiful after all. Ask any Ghanaian.

The recent increase in toll prices have given a view as to how Ghanaians think about Europe. Everyone in this country hopes to live or work in a more developed country because its conditions there are good. Good roads, constant supply of electricity and water, good internet connectivity, a sound environment and a free society. Everything is tracked in Europe. Phone numbers and calls, recent crime committed, the book one is currently reading and so on.

But do we know all this comes at a price? Do we know that for a country to be as clean as the ones we see on tv requires a huge amount of money being sunk into it without any political undertones? I guess not.  We think the people in Europe woke up one day to find all these things there. They paid no taxes, no fines, no charges, no bills. All these things came into being without a conscious effort.

A little* increase in the toll price in Ghana and every body is crying foul. Its like the money is going to end up in someones pocket. Even if that is the case, a large part will go into the repair and maintenance of the road. There is nothing like free lunch. If people want Ghana to build roads with good quality lighting, road demarcation,  enough security on the  road at night, then we should welcome the increase. We all have to know that if our dream of Ghana being like what we see on tv is going to materialize then it calls for us to be devoid of politiking everything even when its in the best interest of the country. When the announcement was made people were quick to point in all political directions. Tell me , which government in Ghana has never benefited from being in power ? They are all the same.

In the end, if Ghanaians were to be shown all the money (taxes) that went into the building of first world countries, we would say we wanted Ghana just as it is, dirty, filthy and unplanned. Some how, it also seems that we do not like to live by the law (constitution). We set our standards as to what the law says about things.  Probably its not so much of our fault. If the state wants people to live by the law, then the state should provide the very basic needs of the society.


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